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Many people like to use geisha tattoos that utilize the entire splendor of a traditional geisha or maiko (an apprentice whose appearance differs slightly from a full-fledged geisha). These are generally done in a portrait style, and depict the elegant figure with a porcelain-white complexion; small, brightly colored and bow-like lips; brilliantly hued kimono and one of the four shimada hairstyles (most commonly a style called ‘momoware,’ which looks something like a divided peach, and bears a good deal of colorful ornamentation).

geisha tattoos exotic

Geisha can be translated into ‘artist’; geisha themselves are seen as some of the most exotic, graceful, sensual and talented artists in the world; and although they are one of many remarkable symbols, geisha tattoos have become one of the most popular pieces in Asian influenced body art.

geisha tattoos,designs,and pictures

The majority of geisha tattoos, however, take on the look of a pin up model. This style tends to exaggerate the feminine curves, red lips and vibrant trappings; it also plays off of the subtle sensuality that geisha are known for. For inst`nce, it is not uncommon to see the geisha standing with her back turned to the on-looker, with a heavily painted face peering over her shoulder, neck partially painted and a shoulder exposed.

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Although less frequently used, you may occasionally see wood block geisha tattoos. These usually show a more elongated version — both in body and face — and her clothing may appear long and flowing. The colors are normally more subdued, and show the geisha in a traditional setting; for example, she may be dancing, playing a shamisan, or simply fanning herself demurely. For something a bit different, you could create a fantasy piece in the wood block style; for instance, the geisha could rise from the ocean, her robes combining with the waves; or her pale, painted face and a white, or light blue kimono could meld with a snowy mountain, with only the shocks of dark black hair, sensual eyes and bright reds lips standing out.

Though there is no set definition to what geisha tattoos may symbolize, it is pretty easy to understand why some may see them as an emblem for elegance, striking beauty and hundreds of years of remarkable artistry.

Japanese Tattoos, Designs, Pictures

With the variety and skills of tattoo artists, one has to wonder why Japanese tattoos are still so popular today. But the truth is, it is not all that surprising. With the colorful history and vast array of designs, Japanese tattoos are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can carry a good deal of meaning.

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos:Soul Of Tattoo

Japanese Tattoos:Soul Of Tattoo

The remarkable history and style of the Japanese culture has always mystified the Western world. Signs of this are seen most commonly in tattoos. One of the most popular of these is the Kanji tattoo. Kanji is a calligraphy style writing used by the Japanese. The beauty of this particular style of tattoo is both its simplicity and its diversity. You can convey practically any message you wish with the simple and stylish characters.

Japanese Tattoos 02:Soul Of Tattoo

Other popular styles of Japanese tattoos are steeped in real life or fantasy. From dragons to koi fish, qilin — which are said to be a good omen, bringing serenity and prosperity — to romantic flora like cherry blossoms and lotuses.

Japanese Tattoos 03:Soul Of Tattoo

panese Tattoos 03:Soul Of Tattoo

The beauty of Japanese tattoos is that you can go well beyond symbols or small, meaningful signs, and create masterful pieces that can cover large areas of your body. For instance, many images can portray beautiful outdoor scenes with large billowy clouds, wind or even fantastic, old fashioned scenes of a wavy ocean. These are often taken from the ukiyo-e or “pictures of the floating world”, which is a genre of Japanese woodcuts. These remarkable scenes can be mixed with many figures from either an outdoor scene, such as flowers or animals; folkloric characters, or something more meaningful to you personally.

Japanese Tattoos 04:Soul Of Tattoo

Many people take Japanese tattoos further than just covering large portions of their body. Instead, they opt to cover almost their entire body, from neck to mid-thigh. These are often seen with a multicolored pictorial tattoo of the Suikoden, which was, and still is a massively popular set of four novels in Chinese literature. It was originally translated in Japan in 1757 and woodcuts were created for these stories in 1827. Since then, many people enjoy these rich and colorful tattoos that tell classic and unmistakable stories.

Japanese Tattoos 04:Soul Of Tattoo

Another thing to keep in mind is placement. For instance a hikae, or chest panel tattoo, is a classic placement. This tattoo starts at the chest and blends out into the shoulder, and often down the arm. A nagasode tattoo is considered a “sleeve” piece and starts under the shoulder and down to the wrist, while a shichibu is 7/10ths of the sleeve and gobu is 5/10ths.
Despite the fact that tattooing is still considered rather on the taboo side in Japan, those who seek out either rebellion or a sense of beauty will find themselves drawn to the mystical, unique and splendid style of Japanese tattoos. This style will continue to have a draw for its variety and its colorful nature.

How to Choose Angel Wing Tattoos

Angel wing tattoos are a popular choice for the chest, as well as the back for many women and even some men. These types of tattoos can be large or small and are often placed close the shoulder blades in the back. They are most common on the upper back and can provide a tattoo option that matches each other completely.
 How to Choose Angel Wing TattoosHow to Choose Angel Wing Tattoos

How to Choose Angel Wing Tattoos

Angel Wing Tattoo:Soul Of Tattoo

Angel Wing Tattoo:Soul Of Tattoo
Angel Wing Tattoo:Soul Of Tattoo
This is one type of traditional tattoo that will not go out of style. The tattoo remains a clear choice for those getting their first tattoo, or for those seeking something different. Angel wing tattoos are stylish and trendy, but timeless.

One of the greatest things about angel wing tattoos is the fact that they can be customized through the entire process. They can be made to appear large or small and appear modern, or traditional wings. There are many patterns and shapes which can be implemented into the wings and the tattoo can often be completed within as little as one visit to the tattoo shop.

The Meaning of Angel Wing Tattoos

The Meaning of Angel Wing Tattoos

With the rise in popularity of angel wing tattoos, it leaves many people wondering about the meaning behind these popular wings that are used in a variety of designs and most often placed on the back of the body. What is the meaning behind these tattoos and where can the origins of the angel wing tattoos be found within the history of tattooing?

The meaning of the angel wing tattoos are pretty straight forward and include the individual being able reach new heights in their life through the use of these wings which have come from the back. Although real angels are not depicted having wings in the bible, there are many other publications in the form of books and movies

Other people have decided to get the angel wings to establish their wish to do good within their life and their wish to good within their soul. These types of tattoos are often used to portray a goodness in which the individual feels emanates from the body. It is a very personal tattoo choice and therefore can be seen in a variety of instances. While choosing the angel wing tattoos, there are also many people who have chosen to get the angel wing tattoos as they have lost someone special to them, symbolizing the presence of a guardian angel.

Larger angel wing tattoos are often seen on the back and can reach from above the shoulder blades all of the way to the lower back. There are often smaller versions which can be placed on the upper back, as well as other parts of the body – which are not as popular as the larger versions.

How to Choose Wing Tattoo Designs

How to Choose Wing Tattoo Designs
How to Choose Wing Tattoo Designs
How to Choose Wing Tattoo Designs
Placed popularly on the back, sometimes on the chest, wing tattoos are some of the most popular choices for women that are seeking to get a tattoo. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to styling wing tattoos and many choices that can be made to customize the appearance of the tattoos. Wing tattoos are popularly placed directly on, or above the shoulder blades on the back and can range in a variety of sizes, depending on the design that has been chosen.

How large would you like the wing tattoos? Depending on the size of the back and the area in which the wing tattoos are placed, there are various options that are available for the wing tattoos. The larger the wing tattoos on the back, the larger the area of the back that will be covered with tattoos.

Larger wing tattoos that are created on the back can often go from the shoulder blades to above the buttocks. These types of wing tattoos are popular with girls seeking a large tattoo, a back piece – but still seeking something girl. This is a great way to create a large tattoo that remains girl, as most often do not.

There are a variety of ways that the wing tattoos can be designed, either with other tattoos in the middle of the wing tattoos or simply choosing to take advantage of the wing tattoos alone. Working with a tattoo artist, they will often draw a sketch and show it to you on the skin before starting the work. This can help to gauge the size of the wings.

Wing tattoos have been said to have a variety of meanings. One of the most popular meanings which are associated with wing tattoos is the freedom that spiritually comes from having a set of wings.

Devil Tattoos and Evil Tattoos: Soul Of Tattoo

Devil Tattoos and Evil Tattoos: Soul Of Tattoo
Devil tattoos are representations of a supernatural entity, who, in most Western religions, is the central embodiment of evil. This entity is commonly referred to by a variety of other names, including Satan, Asmodai, Beelzebub, Lucifer and Mephistopheles. In the tradition of the Christian Church, Lucifer was an archangel, who had God’s favor as the first angel among equals, but because of his vanity, hubris and weakness of character fell so far from God’s grace that he was literally cast out of Heaven when he led other angels in revolt. As the devil, Lucifer is a symbol for chaos, and a wild, uncontrollable spirit cursed with all the vices and worst aspects of the human condition.
Devil Tattoos and Evil Tattoos: Soul Of Tattoo
Images of Satan as being red, having horns, cloven hooves and a tail are all efforts by a Church hierarchy to literally demonize the image of the fallen Lucifer. A devil tattoo symbolizes a mischievous, lascivious, and perhaps slightly wicked nature with a predisposition towards all manner of sinful behavior and other vices! It is also the symbol for lust in certain pagan religions such as Satanism.
Devil Tattoos and Evil Tattoos: Soul Of Tattoo
Despite it’s obvious connotations of being evil, many people merely choose a devil tattoo because their personality is a bit mischievous. Some devil depictions have nothing to do with hell and condemnation, but rather are cute and cuddly.

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Tatuajes temporales

Un tatuaje temporal es una im`gen en la piel se asemeja a un auténtico tatuaje, pero no es permanente. Tatuajes temporales pueden extraerse, pintado, o aerógrafo, como una forma de pintura corporal, pero la mayor parte del tiempo estos tatuajes se transfieren a la piel. Tatuajes temporales de cualquier tipo se utilizan para muchos fines, entre ellos la libre expresión, de identificación, y la publicidad. Por ejemplo, los actores que desean añadir a su carácter distintivo podría tener tatuajes temporales sobre la piel pintada a mano o utilizando plantillas como parte de su ritual cosmético.
Tatuajes de henna (Mehndi) de nitrato de plata, y las manchas que aparecen cuando se exponen a la luz ultravioleta puede tardar hasta dos semanas para desaparecer de la piel. Tatuajes temporales aerógrafo (hábitats) se aplican mediante la cobertura de la piel con un patrón de pulverización y de la piel con tinta. En el pasado, esta forma de tatuaje sólo duró una semana. Con la nueva tinta,los tatuajes razonablemente puede durar hasta dos semanas.

Jess Hori Yen

Una familia del tatuaje. My tattoo de hori yen, uno de los estudios más populares de California. Un mundo donde el tatuaje no es solo arte sino un verdadero estilo de vida

web del studio:

Tienen grandes trabajos, os dejo un par de ejemplos, si quereis ver todo su trabajo y los artistas visitad sin duda su página web

Sak Yant, tatuajes sagrados thailandeses

Sak Yan, o Sak Yant, es el nombre tailandés para el tatuaje sagrado de diseños geométricos. Generalmente son realizados por los monjes budistas, o los hombres santos del Brahmin.

Los tatuajes de Yant se han desarrollado durante los siglos bajo distintas influencias. Los diseños de Yantra que existieron en la India hindú fueron adaptados por los Thais cuando llegó el Budismo.

En la tradición antigua de Tailandia los guerreros eran tatuados para hacer sus cuerpos deslizadizos y duros en la batalla. El tatuaje de Yant se considera util para proteger contra las armas blancas (como cuchillos).


Todos los enseres y materiales que se utilicen en las actividades de tatuaje o «piercing» y que entren en contacto con las personas deben estar limpios y desinfectados y en buen estado de conservación.
Los materiales utilizados que no sean de un solo uso deben permitir la esterilización o la desinfección con los siguientes métodos.
El autocable de vapor a 120º C y una atmósfera de presión durante 20 minutos, u otras equivalentes por combinación de la temperatura, tiempo y presión.
El calor seco a 170º C durante sesenta minutos, o combinaciones equivalentes.

Inmersión del objeto en una solución de glutaraldehido a 2% durante 30 minutos.

Inmersión del objeto en una solución de 200 ml de lejía de 50 gr. de cloro/I e un litro de agua durante treinta minutos.

Inmersión del objeto en un recipiente tapado que contenga alcohol etílico al 70% durante treinta minutos.

Ebullición durante 20 minutos.
Las agujas, las jeringas, las tintas y otros elementos o materiales que penetren o atraviesen la piel, las mucosas u otros tejidos deben ser siempre estériles y de un solo uso.
Los enseres de rasurado y afeitado deben ser de un solo uso, y no se pueden utilizar navajas de afeitar ni otros elementos de hojas de afeitar no desechables.
No se pueden utilizar los denominados lápices corta sangre.
El material de uso no desechable debe lavarse y esterilizarse según lo establecido anteriormente.
El material de uso no desechable que no es resistente a los métodos de esterilización y que se puede contaminar accidentalmente debe limpiarse adecuadamente y desinfectar según lo dispuesto anteriormente.

Japanese Tattoo Meanings | Horikyo Tattoo Design

meanings tattoo, japanese tattoo
Japanese Tattoo Meanings 1
meanings tattoo, japanese tattooJapanese Tattoo Meanings
meanings tattoo, japanese tattooJapanese Tattoo Meanings | Horikyo Tattoo Design

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs | Horikyo Tattoo Design

Dragon Tattoo Designs in Color - Dragon TattoosJapanese Dragon Tattoo Designed
Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designed
Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designed
Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designed

of the most popular designs that men use for tattoos is the dragon tattoo. On men, most of these tattoo designs do not include color mostly because men tend to believe that adding color makes the tattoo less masculine and more feminine. There are different dragon tattoo designs in color that can be for both men and women.